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Welcome to my website 

Harmony Healing is about getting the most out of life and helping other to achieve this.


Reiki Healing 

Reiki Training

Distance Healing

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage 

Crystal Healing 

Crystal Healing 

Crystal Healing with  Reiki

Client's Testimonial

I started seeing Jane a little over a year ago as my partner and I were struggling with infertility and were planning on starting IVF treatment, I wanted to find a way to help me try and relax more and also open up on a more spiritual level, I was a little apprehensive at first.

I was having Reiki treatment once a week with Jane, and it helped massively with relaxation and also opened me up to new things that I probably wouldn't have considered before.

Jane focused my Reiki treatment on areas I had problems with (without me even telling her she knew) and it made a difference. My partner and I started the ball rolling for private IVF treatment and were about to start in September 18, when we found out I was expecting our little miracle, who is due in a few months. Now I'm not saying Reiki cured our infertility but it most certainly helped, I also use a lot of crystals with advice from Jane about which ones to get to help fertility and rid negative energy and these have also helped.

If your thinking about Reiki, I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Jane is lovely and very knowledgeable, and has become a very good friend. Can't recommend Jane enough.

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