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  • Thankyou Jane for a wonderful distant reiki session. I've been feeling really low after the lockdown, my partners work has dried up and my children have been home 24/7, so I've been feeling exhausted and feeling burnt out.Having a distant reiki session was perfect as I  didn't to leave home,I just laid down and although Jane wasnt with me, I could feel the reiki energy all around me, it was astounding.I felt various sensations,including

  • a feeling of warmth, tingling on my head and toes and a wonderful feeling of peace.Since the session I've felt much calmer, more positive and less emotional. Thankyou Jane , for giving me my mojo back!

  • Thank you for attuning me to Reiki.  Had a wonderful day, and I am already feeling the benefits.  I am looking forward to the next level when the time comes.

  • I started seeing Jane a little over a year ago as my partner and I were struggling with infertility and were planning on starting IVF treatment, I wanted to find a way to help me try and relax more and also open up on a more spiritual level, I was a little apprehensive at first.

    I was having Reiki treatment once a week with Jane, and it helped massively with relaxation and also opened me up to new things that I probably wouldn't have considered before.

    Jane focused my Reiki treatment on areas I had problems with (without me even telling her she knew) and it made a difference. My partner and I started the ball rolling for private IVF treatment and were about to start in September 18, when we found out I was expecting our little miracle, who is due in a few months. Now I'm not saying Reiki cured our infertility but it most certainly helped, I also use a lot of crystals with advice from Jane about which ones to get to help fertility and rid negative energy and these have also helped.

    If your thinking about Reiki, I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Jane is lovely and very knowledgeable, and has become a very good friend. Can't recommend Jane enough.

  • Thank you Jane for introducing me to Reiki.  My migraines have definitely improved since coming to see you.  The environment is very tranquil and relaxing and Jane puts you at ease.  I look forward to my Reiki now and it's well worth giving it a try if you've never experienced it before - Wendy, Heydon

Thank you for a lovely afternoon and your awesome deep healing!

  • A big thank you to Jane Wilson for my Reiki attunement.  It was a lovely day, an organic vegetable lunch was provided and a folder full of interesting things to read.  I look forward to doing my level 2 very soon, thank you Jane - Andrea, Royston

  • Wow, amazing lady, was so relaxed, and she was spot on with what the problem was, and I had never met her before!

I can highly recommend Jane, a lovely lady with a talent for Reiki

Thank you Jane - Sharon, Buntingford

  • Had the most relaxing treatment with Jane, I actually fell asleep. My knee had been quite painful for a few days, the day after my treatment, no pain in the knee at all. Will be back for some more - Jackie, Swavesey

  • I have been seeing Jane for Reiki and crystal therapy for a while now. The therapy room is very calming and welcoming. The beautiful back ground music and the comfortable bed, make you feel warm and calm - Emma, Melbourn

  • Jane makes you feel relaxed and at ease straight away. I have problems with my gall bladder and my kidney, they give me a great deal of pain.

Today was a bad day, pain wise for me; so Jane focused on these areas with the crystals. By the time the session had finished my gall bladder had calmed down, the pain in my arms had gone. I also felt like a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders and my focus was much clearer. I can highly recommend Jane for crystal healing, as well as Reiki - Andrea, Royston

  • I love going to see Jane! The last session I had crystal healing, wow! Jane is a very intuitive healer, she picked certain crystals and laid them on various parts of my body as I laid flat on her couch in the lovely therapy room she has created. I just remember feeling lots of hot energies which felt fantastic and calming. She worked quietly with lots of intention. At the end of the session she asked me to feel some of the crystals which were very hot! She spoke to me at length about what she felt were some pain issues especially in my left knee and ankle which I agreed with. When I got off the bed I was able to weight bear and not limp at all, the pain was gone. I can highly recommend Jane for the therapies she does - Lyndsay, Newmarket

  • Jane is a very strong Reiki healer and is very sensitive. She is also a crystal healer. Thank you. -Janet Barley

  • A big thank you to Jane Wilson for a lovely Reiki and crystal healing this morning. I'm feeling very relaxed now - Andrea, Royston

  • Thank you Jane for a lovely Reiki session, I felt instantly relaxed by the heat of your hands and felt myself drifting off into a meditate state. That night I literally fell straight asleep and woke up to my alarm 8hrs later I couldn't believe it 🙌 !! Thank you xx - Jo, Royston

How amazing is Jane!  I have had 3 Reiki sessions and they get better every time. I suffer from inflammatory arthritis and from the first session I have slept really well every night. I feel less anxious, my joints feel like they've been oiled and the pain in them has greatly reduced. 

I feel better than I have in a very long time .

Thankyou you so much Jane. look forward to my next session.